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With so many other alternative options for couples trying to conceive, why is dietary supplements a better alternative?

Is there a miracle route to becoming a parent? Certainly not! Just like there is no magic pill for weight loss, or cancer prevention, or diabetes management, there is no miracle route to pregnancy for couples struggling with infertility issues. There is, however, a logical path, which includes weighing the costs, benefits, and side effects of all of the possible options.

Fortunately for couples struggling to conceive in Kenya, there are now possible options thanks to advancement in modern medicine. Some of these options include; IVF (in vitro fertilization), ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), and IUI (intrauterine insemination). Each of these technologies carries a significant price tag, my one cycle of IVF in 2016 cost Kshs.396,000/-. The 2nd cycle would have cost Kshs.350,000/- (I did not attempt the 2nd cycle). Unfortunately, despite their high costs, hundreds of thousands of shillings, these invasive procedures which are most often accompanied by significant and unpleasant side effects, come with no guarantee.

For just Kshs.4,800/- a month, FertilAid for Men provides a comprehensive multivitamin tailored to trying-to-conceive men, and includes extra amounts of key antioxidant nutrients that have been demonstrated to safely and effectively benefit overall sperm health. For just Kshs.4,200/- a month, FertilAid for Women provides a full prenatal vitamin and a blend of herbs that promote hormonal balance and cycle regularity in women. Simple mathematics if you ask me.

Of course, not all people who take FertilAid get pregnant. There are those who take FertilAid faithfully, exactly as directed, who do not achieve pregnancy. But there are many other people who take FertilAid and do successfully achieve pregnancy – some in dramatic fashion after trying unsuccessfully for extended periods of time, case in point ME.  And, somewhere in the middle are many others that experience benefit from FertilAid, measured for women by changes in their cycle and for men by increases in sperm quality.

You can view/purchase the different products we have to address different fertility issues here.

You can also reach us on 0759205704 for any inquiries or to place an order.

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